October 31, 2017

My own shop

I hope you are doing well for this new week. The weather becomes cold in France so it's pleasant to stay in the studio to work with a warm pull-over. I continue my plan and have completed a new piece with nice price in my own store. In the same time, I update new pages when it's possible of my archives.

If you would like to see more photos of this painting, click on this link.

Have a good week and keep your feet in your socks ! ⛸☃πŸŽ…

October 28, 2017

News from the studio

Hello everybody ! I hope you are doing well. There's no particular things these last 2 weeks. Sometimes, the studio is quiet and allows me to work seriously with concentration on differents pieces.

These paintings have left the studio. Have a good week-end and take care. πŸ˜‰

October 14, 2017

News from the studio

I hope you are doing well for this new report of the week. The last week I left you to go to the Post Office to ship this very pleasant piece to the USA.

As promised the previous week, I worked on the website and normally there's no dead links. In the same time, this new piece is now available.

My new painting for my website was completed this morning. I'm very happy of the final result for this small strawberry with replica of the Jean SimΓ©on Chardin's timbale.

This painting was sent Thursday to the United-Kingdom. I love this piece. ^^

Another highlight of the week was to work again according to the Flemish method on my great composition dedicated to Chardin.

10 paintings are currently in progress in my studio between miniatures to larger pieces. Thank you for visiting my website and have a good week-end. ^^

October 05, 2017

Works on the website

Hello !! I hope you are doing well. This morning was with a little stress when I had to paint the lettering on this composition. With its rustic frame, this piece will be great but before, I have to complete this "Hum!Hum" lettering !! 😈

It was also a little hard this morning to close the French website and the French blog. No visits, no interests, no sales. In one year I have spent so much time to work on the both for nothing. Whatever I do, France has strictly no interest for my work. I'm a little disappointed of course. But at the end, it's a good thing for you because, since today, my website and blog in English are becoming my priority. 😁

You can of course continue to visit it but don't be angry if it is not already complete. I'm doing faster as possible as to put all in order. Thank you and ahve a good day !!

Galleries !!

I hope you are doing well ! For this new Year, I contacted many galleries to help me to improve my art. I hope they will be cooperative and...